Inter Milán – Chievo Verona

From the result of Friday’s jump between Juventus Turin and Naples, the most could benefit a totally different whole. And Inter Milan, who, led by Luciano Spalletti, walks unwaveringly behind the win and constantly strengthens his position. Chievo Verona is going to try it now.

Inter Milan, managed by Luciano Spalletti, managed to catch Betclic betting odds almost instantly and confirmed the old known truth of the fans. Inter has a very good cadre, but it has often been coached by coaches in recent years. Spalletti came up with the reputation of a man who has a clear vision, he can get the players out of the way and put them in something bigger than they are. At Inter, he was given time and money.

Inter, together with Naples, remains the only duo of teams that have not yet won. This is the case after the last lap in which Inter encountered Cagliari. After playing with Atalanta it took him a while to look at the pitch, but in the end he made a clear 3: 1 home Betclic game. Again, there was Mauro Icardi, who scored two goals and basically decided three points. This led Icardi to 15 league goals for 14 games and continues to confirm that it is indispensable for Inter.

Captain Nerazzurri is right on the scoreboard, and Ciro Immobile is the only one to keep up with. He would like to stand alone at the top of the shooter table and take advantage of the fact that Immobile’s form is somewhat lagging behind. There is no reason why he should not fight against Kieva, however defensive the Chievo has. He can play with him very well. Over the past 17 years, Mussi Volanti has won Milan in just one case!

In addition, coach Spalletti always wants to bet on the strongest possible set and does not want to save anyone. Before the game, he said: “Some people think we will be deploying Betclic against smaller teams that do not play so often or that we Unibet are not so prepared or motivated, that’s nonsense, because we always want to win, I’m preparing the team the same way. Chievo or Juventus, you can count on doing the most, and I plan to deploy the strongest possible set. ”

That’s not a good news for Chievo. Verona now lived with the atmosphere of a derby that always has a special character in town. Chievo came across Coppa Italia and therefore has not enough space to rest or prepare for the next round. Looking at the table does not have to worry Unibet football betting online about fear, but the current ninth place is not a guarantee of a good season. Between the seventh and twelfth places the difference is only two points.